Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

In honour of Mother's Day today (and my mother's birthday too), I thought I'd post a couple of paintings of  a few more great kids that I have painted.

The first two are of Ben and Erin Laco--beautiful kids.

Ben Laco
acrylic on canvas
16" square

Erin Laco
acrylic on canvas
16" square

I chose to paint Ben's little face with a brush and Erin with the palatte knife--not for any reason in particular.  Ben's eyes are painted in the icy blue that they are in reality.  I don't often chose to paint "realistic" eye colour, but in Ben's case the blue of his eyes is uncanny.  Come to think of it, that's also why I painted Erin's eyes the chocolate brown that they are too.  Instead of chosing a feature to exaggerate, sometimes I chose to focus in on a feature that truly stands out in a person and kind of defines who they are (not necessarily what they look like).

The next piece is a commission done for a dear friend of mine, Helen Charbonneau.  Helen has always been a huge supporter and fan of my artwork.  Helen asked to have me paint a portrait of her two beautiful boys, Tristan and Justin.

On the first day of Tristan's year in Junior Kindergarten (2004), the first little boy Tristan met was his alter-ego--Tristan Charbonneau.  Just when you think you are being original with your choice of names...!  Tristan and Tristan are still great friends 6 years later, so I have always felt a special bond with "the other Tristan".  Justin, Helen's younger son, is currently in a grade 1/2 split class with my daughter Carter.  Justin and Carter have also grown to be great friends--it still shocks me that they met when they weren't even 2 years old!

Tristan and Justin Charbonneau
acrylic on canvas
36" square

I was dying to hear the boys' reaction to the piece--as well as that of their father Erik's opinion too, as Helen had the piece commissioned as a surprise for all three of her boys.  Their reactions were truly priceless.  Justin ran up to me in the playground and yelled, "I LOVE THE PAINTING JUSTINE", and proceeded to give me a huge hug.  Not to be outdone by his brother, Tristan told me how me he too loved the portrait...especially his hair.  I knew that if either boy didn't really like the piece that they really couldn't hide that fact from me.  

Thankfully,  ALL of Helen's boys (including Helen herself!) were thrilled with the project.


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